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Essential Oil Treatments On Our Four Legged Babies

We hear success stories about essential oil babies all the time, but what if your babies are four-legged?  Mine certainly are and I’m hear to tell you that you can have essential oil babies be your fun-loving pets.

My 55 pound pit bull named Duke loves essential oils.  We first discovered this when he came inside one afternoon covered in little mosquito bite welts to the sum of about 50 all over his body.  I grabbed my spritzer bottle with Lavender and Peppermint and began spraying him down and rubbing it in.  He ran off and about 5 minutes later he came back to where I was completely welt free!  So needless to say the next time he came inside with bites I grabbed my bottle and he sat down waiting for his spritzing of Lavender and Peppermint.

Duke was about 6 years old when I discovered the oils and believe me they would have come in handy with his rehabilitation from being abused as a puppy. However, I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to start using the oil.  

Duke and I have been through numerous situations.  Just 7 months ago Duke was in a dog fight defending his cat brother.  He spent a couple of nights at the vet and had 15 drainage tubes put in.  Three of the tubes were around an ear and 12 on one leg.  I was also in the middle of the fight and after about 20 minutes of fighting I was able to get the two dogs apart.  After getting both of them to the vet I was covered in blood and thanked God that I didn’t have to lift either of them into the car because I couldn’t.  While I waited at the laundry mat for my clothes, blankets, towels from the day’s events I could barely hold my soda without my hand completely shaking.  My body was a complete mess.  One my nervous system was shot from the adrenaline that had been over loading my body from pulling two fighting dogs apart for 20 minutes.  The emotional toll from knowing at one point both dog might die or I might get injured was intense!  My point in telling you all of this is how long do you think it took Duke and myself to recover?  Two weeks?  One month?  3 Days?

I’ll tell you.  I did an Aroma Touch Technique on myself that night briefly before I passed out.  The next day I was really sore – but not as much as I would have been had I not done anything and part of me was waiting for the next day when pain really tends to show up.  But the second day didn’t offer more pain.  When I got Duke home I gave him his first Aroma Touch Technique treatment and followed it up with another one on myself.  He began to recover quickly.  He didn’t like the pain pills because his jaw was messed up; he did however love the pain relieving and sedation of lavender on his arm.

Duke healed physically in about two weeks and emotionally took a bit longer.  I never got completely sore like I thought I would.  It took me awhile longer to heal emotionally. 

So… this morning when I woke up and found that Duke didn’t react all that well to the food my neighbor deemed okay to feed him last night and then found him limping for a completely unknown reason – Aroma Touch went on the To-Do list for the day.  I can get busy like the rest of us and we didn’t do the treatment first thing.  Duke was sleeping most of the day, hadn’t eaten nor drank any water.  Getting to the kitchen was too much work and it’s not that far of a walk.  Even though he wasn’t feeling well and limping because he was still trying to apply pressure to that back leg he decided to still head out to the outhouse with me which is 100 steps away.  Yeah, I have an outhouse and yes I count steps.  I dated an amazing guy a few years ago whom also happen to use a walker and the distance to a place was important – so I count things like that still.  Duke and I walked slowly and we even stopped a few times.  He would limp, try to put pressure on the hind leg but apparently it was giving him enough pain to stop and not hop along.  He almost reached our little destination but decided to lie down and wait and the walk back was a lot harder for him.  The closer we got to the house the more stops he had to make and I actually had to carry him the 20 feet to the house.  This is when I stopped everything on my To-Do list for his Aroma Touch.  I treated myself after him since I also needed to have an Aroma Touch done too.

After Duke’s after treatment nap he started hopping around a bit more.  He decided to hop and hold the leg up to begin with and he went outside to explore the trees like he normally does all day.  I noticed that he would occasionally put his leg down to use and was getting more comfortable with holding it up but also getting more comfortable with putting pressure while standing in place.  After he spent about ½ hour outside hoping along the trees searching for lizards, mice, and rabbits I noticed him actually applying pressure for a stride with this back leg and this is when I realized the full potential and power for Aroma Touch healing in him.  I realized how this really does for dogs what it does for humans.  It gives them a reset button.  It gives clarity of mind where he’d never held up an injured leg to not use it before.  He use to just stop and not move if injured (I know – not your typical visual for a pit bull).  Tonight as I write this Duke is resting happily in the kitchen, has eaten once today and drank water.

Both of us will be receiving Aroma Touch treatments tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing more progress with him. 

And for the record, no I have no idea how Duke hurt his leg.  The only thing I can think of is that he sprained a toe getting out from under the covers in a hurry to go take a dump in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Please contact me for more information about giving your pet an Aroma Touch treatment.  More on the Aroma Touch Technique, classes, certification, and videos, etc!

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