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Gut and intuition

Gut reaction is part of our intuition.  Some listen to it better than others.  Others dismiss it because they don’t understand it.  Others utilize it for their intuition instead of realizing it is their own personal reaction to a situation.  That last part may be very confusing to the person just starting out with embracing their more intuitive side.

Listening to our own body is actually what modern medicine doesn’t want us to do.  Modern medicine wants us to trust solely in our doctors and pharmaceutical medicines and not rely on what our body tells us.  Because after all the doctor that spends 15 minutes maximum with their patients knows more about their body than the person occupying that physical space.  I hope you’re getting in a good chuckle here with me. 

What does our gut have to do with health and intuition?  Well, when our gut is out of whack, our brain is out of whack.  Check out this great article on for The Gut Brain Connection, Mental Illness, and Disease.  And for those that love TED Talks, Heribert Watzke on The Brain In Your Gut.

Now that we’ve introduced the science portion, lets get into my area of expertise – the psychic realm. 

Much like both of these presentations have shown us are that there is a specific chemical response in the brain from the gut.  Likewise the release of hormones from an emotional responses, we know this affects the body too.  We know that when we are stressed this has a negative response on our adrenals putting us out of rest and relax into a fight or flight response.

Okay, so how does that affect our psychic ability and gut reactions?  Because we are all psychic.  We are all sensitive to our surrounding through or auric field.  The aura is what Kundalini Yogi’s call the 7th (out of 10) body.  Ever have the feeling that someone was standing right behind you only to turn around and they are 20 feet away?  Ever notice when someone walks by it may leave you feeling strange, not right?  Or visa/versa… Have you had that feeling being around someone and you just want to be around them all the time because of how good you feel?  This are examples of what it feels like when your aura and their aura share the same space.  Many highly sensitive people find going out in large groups of people stressful because of this.  So how big is the aura?  The size really depends on you.  I know of a meditation that can bring your auric field close as a inch from your body and others that work on expanding it around the globe.  However, the better question is, how big do you want your auric field for everyday use?   Yes, size matters here.  On average your auric field is about 4-8 feet away.  Those whom have been through and dealing with PTSD are going to have a much smaller projection for your auric field for protection reasons.

I like to think of our auric field much like our very own personal trash compactor.  We throw many things into it.  Some positive and some negative.  Things like love, happiness, bliss, and laughter would be considered the positive side.  Things like sorrow, depression, anger, frustration, and would be considered the negative.  However if you utilize your anger or frustration in a positive way then it is actually considered a positive.  If you want more help understanding that concept, please give me a call as I would be happy to explain it further.  Once all of these positive and negative or things are in our auric field, the more we add the compactor or compression begins to happen.  This brings all of these emotions or experiences closer to and eventually into our physical body.  Once these are inside our body we start to feel aches and pains and distress.  Who likes that?   I don’t.

How to empty our auric trash compactor??? 
So back to the visual of the trash compactor – when we’ve just thrown things is they are loose.  When we compact it (bring it into our bodies) the trash then becomes a solid mass.  How do we unleash the solid mass and get it back out of the container?  Daily physical activity and meditation.  Many think that mediation alone is enough but we need the physical activity to move things around and physically exhaust our body so we may sit for 11, 31 or even 62 minutes.  Any meditation practice will help.  But what is important to understand that while in meditation we are working on expanding our auric field we do also need to be mindful when bringing it back in.  I certainly don’t want to be picking up trash in your auric field and taking it home with me and I am most certain you don’t want mine either.

Finding balance
You can if you want create your own visualization meditation where you expand your aura, then systematically release all of your garbage; spend a few moments bringing in positive healing light to replace all that garbage; then bring your aura back into about 4 – 8 feet away.  Grounding techniques and meditations are also very important for creating strong boundaries around the auric field. This also helps so that you don’t get off your own balance and away from that peace of mind you created in your meditation practice.

For me being a human, psychic medium, and a Human Wormhole I feel you very differently than other psychics do because I am how your trash gets off this planet and transformed into more loving light and returned for healing you and mother earth.  Yes, I do personal deep overhaul healing cleanses.  This isn’t for the faint of heart or for someone that isn’t ready to step fully into their life purpose.  But for those that have been ready, it is a complete life transformation.  If you feel this is a journey you are ready for please contact me for a consultation.  Not all those that ask receive this work.

If you are looking for more direction after trying out the meditation suggestions I’ve given you, please contact me and we will map out your personal intuitive direction that will work best for you, your health, your values, your knowledge base, and our lifestyle.  While I am currently putting together a couple of instructional videos and emails to help strengthen your abilities, I do not think anything should be a cookie cutter program for learning, trusting, and developing our intuition.

As always, thank you for taking your time to read, enjoy, comment, and share my blog posts.  You and I never know who needs to read the message next.


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