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Make Yogi Tea with essential oils

Yogi Tea together in essential oils!!
Cardamom was finally introduced to the doTERRA single oils line this year!

YOGI TEA is beneficial for the blood, colon, nervous system, and bones. It supports is through colds, flu, and when we are worn out.


Contact me today to find out the different ways to use this combination of oils!

Helps our Digestive and Nervous Systems

Helps the Respiratory and Digestive Systems.
Cardamom plays a significant role in regulating peristaltic movement in the smooth muscle in the digestive track. It also provides antispasmodic benefits in over active conditions. Has been found to be effective in lowering the ulcer index by 65%!

Helps our Immune System

Helps our Cardiovascular, Digestive, Immune, and Respriatory Systems

Helps our Digestive and Nervous Systems

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