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You Are The Reason You Have Acne

I do many wellness consults with people and during psychic readings usually there is a portion dedicated to medical intuitive guidance.  About 50% of the questions I field in this area are about acne. What should I do? What will clear it up? When will it clear up? What caused it? I’m going to get a little frank with you here because there are a lot of factors that may play into a breakout but the main one is this plain and simply put, we are assholes to our body. Think of your mouth as the portal to your ecosystem.  We are constantly shove crap through this portal and are surprised when our pores have a hard time doing their job of eliminating toxins.  We’ll get into emotional outbreaks in a moment but let’s first finish up the direct physical implications of our laziness and ill informed food choices. Juicing – stop it!  You’re ingesting pure sugar that doesn’t need to be broken down before going directly into your bloodstream.  It isn’t good for your skin, insulin levels, cleansing, or revitalizing.  You’re creating hypoglycemia, not being kind to you pancreas, causing breakouts, putting your body into a fight or flight mode which prevents a rest and relax cycle – meaning no revitalization will happen.  If you want to do something healthy – make a smoothie.  Fruit sugars aren’t bad but the amount we drink through juicing is.  In a smoothie you’re receiving all the vital minerals and pulp that go along with the rest of the whole package which is why fruit isn’t a lake of carrot juice.  How do you feel when someone dates you for only one aspect of you?  Cheated, am I right?  So quit cheating yourself of important nutrients – enjoy the entire fruit! Refined Sugars – do I really need to go into why these are bad? Dr. Weill breaks it down beautifully in his article Is Coconut Sugar A Healthier Sweetener.  The body treats all sugar sources as sugar to be broken down into glucose for metabolic fuel.  However, coconut sugar and maple syrup are lower on fructose levels than white sugar or agave.  Slightly lower not considerably lower.  I like coconut sugar in cookies because it is slightly lower than sugar and still has the grainy texture for cookies. I am not going to get into all of the foods we shouldn’t be eating because quite frankly every body’s ecosystem is different and what may work better for me might not work well for you.  For example, aloe is highly beneficial for many people, but I have an aloe allergy.  When applied to my face aloe is a chemical burn.  When it’s in lotions and other products my face reacts much like an acne breakout because it takes awhile to process though all my skin for detoxing in the face. Basic science reminder for you.  Skin absorbs in as quickly as 6 seconds for essential oils and most products within 26 seconds.  Are you putting harmful chemicals on your face or skin?  Let’s be honest ladies, how many of us put on way too many chemicals before we put on foundation and powder?  I am not a fan of serums.  Why?  They feel and look like I just put a layer of glue all over my face.  When my face looks like it has a shinny layer of glue all over it I have to ask myself is this really helping my skin breathe, receive, and release? No. IMG_9345-0.JPG In this diagram you can clearly see that areas of our face are corelated with our organs and glands.  It’s a great reference for those going through a breakout to know what we need to nourish inside our body.  When having a breakout around the nose and third eye that is associated with our liver. Perhaps cutting back on alcohol or other foods that are high in toxins and over work the liver might help you more than a topical acne treatment.

Now lets get onto the emotional side of breakouts.

When we are holding onto emotions we are stopping the natural flow of them.  One thing I learned from Dan Millman author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior was that we have one opportunity to feel an emotion, everything else is a carbon copy of a carbon copy of that emotion.  What that means is each time we feel an emotion, feel it to its fullest in the moment.  After that we just made a copy of it and then made a copy of the copy.  Pretty soon the emotion no longer resembles the original emotion but we are too closely attached to it to understand that.  Once we feel an emotion in the moment to its fullest extent then it is released.  If we relate emotion a glass of water and we keep filling it up and all of a sudden the glass is overflowing and water goes everywhere.  Emotions work in a similar way however once its we feel it to it’s fullest the container disappears because it’s released into our auric field.  It can no longer do damage inside of our body because we’re no longer holding onto it.  That is the great thing.  However, it can be hard to practice that all the time and emotions get stuck and start doing damage.  Like when we’re told something or there is a situation that doesn’t go our way, this can be hard to comprehend which in turn is hard to digest.  Have you heard the saying “chew on this for awhile”.  It means we need to break down all of the emotional elements or food ingredients making it easier to digest. What happens once we’ve felt the emotion to its fullest and released it, what’s next?  I’m so glad you asked.  This is where the brain becomes balanced and we aren’t reacting from an overactive positive or negative mind.  Our neutral or more rational mind (I say that because it’s a good balance between both negative and positive) is able to deal with the situation in a more logical manner than flying off the handle or being in too overwhelmed in the positive mind about how lovely and perfect things are.  I highly recommend feeling our emotions to their fullest extent in the moment.  The clarity of mind afterwards is amazing and we’re able to move on to the next stage of whatever that emotion brought up. Basic recap – quit being an asshole to yourself.  You cannot expect to treat your friends, partners, co-workers, kids, or pets like a jerk and expect them to not react.  Quit expecting that our bodies and faces aren’t going to react to us being a jerk to it.  Think and speak kind and gratitude words to your body.  The next breakout you get, thank your skin for doing its job.  Drink more water, and eat less sugar.   Book your free wellness consult with Namjeev. Join the discussions on Facebook.

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