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Essential Oils Etiquette at the Doctor’s Office

It’s time to start having a different conversation with your doctor.
I love essential oils.  I would say I am an enthusiastic about using them for my health care.  However, I know that if I got to the doctor and I have elevated cholesterol, blood sugar, or ___________, that something I am currently doing is NOT helping my body.
Essential Oils are awesome and amazing, but to tell a doctor they can’t help you feel better because they don’t understand essential oils makes only one person in that medical office a close minded person, and that person is you – the essential oil enthusiast not the doctor.

Let’s take a moment to take a look at it from a doctor’s point of view.  They go to medical school to help people.  You go to the doctor because you’re just not feeling right or its time for your annual physical.  The doctor runs standard blood work and it for the sake of argument and as an example it comes back with elevated levels for cholesterol, blood sugar, and you are needing to lose weight.  This is generally when the doctor starts writing a prescription or begins to talk about the allopathic drug they want to put you on and will probably talk about doing more cardio and exercise.  Now if you said that all of that is great but you only jump rope for your health care at home and that you want to keep doing only that and not go on any meds.  You also haven’t jumped rope the past 6 months because the extra weight puts too much pressure on your knees but you’ll start jump roping again once you lose the weight.
Okay, I’ll admit that example was a bit extreme and just sounds hilarious but it really is how we sound to doctors when we go there and don’t want to do a single thing to improve the quality of our health or lifestyle.  Now take the above example and substitute jumping rope with Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage, Essential Oils, Yoga, Meditation, or any other one thing and the result is still sounding just as ridiculous.  Why go to a medical professional either allopathic or naturopathic medicine and flat-out state that you’re unwilling to take suggestion about living a better life.  Why waste yours or the doctors time?
When our lack of willingness to take healthcare professionals suggestions and gripe on social media sites we are then telling the world we are close minded.  I don’t think it is all our fault.  There are some doctors out there that I have gone to that have been a complete let down.  But I took half of the responsibility by one not going back to them and searching for a doctor that was more in line with the direction I wanted to go for my healthcare.  Yo
What can we change about this?  There are ways to talk about alternative method of healing with our doctors.  As stated above talking about essential oils as your only desired method for fixing your health doesn’t work.  Let’s have a completely different conversation about our lifestyle with our doctors.  How about instead of “I use essential oils in my home for healthcare” using something similar to this “I have found great benefits and successful results when I’ve used essential oils for ______________”.  This is a non confrontational way of speaking with your doctor about something they might not know the research or have experienced with.  At this point if your doctor is still “you shouldn’t be using essential oils for medicine”, you can ask for a happy medium between what his/her goals are for your health and what you want to do.  After all essential oils and alternative healing method are complementary to allopathic medicine.  Reopen your mind.
We get so prideful at the doctor (and in general) about our lifestyle that it is really hard to admit that you’re not doing enough for yourself.  Take a deep breath, let it out, and say okay.  You can ask to have 3 to 6 months to really making some big changes in your lifestyle then another look at your health.  I am not suggesting this is the perfect way to deal with your health problems but hopefully opening you up to speaking with your doctor differently about your health and care solutions.
Basically, please quit being jerk to your doctor and then calling them an asshole on social media.  You’re only hurting yourself and not beginning your healing process.  Call a friend to get the experience off your chest and move on with it.  Stop the negative conversation and begin healing.
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