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Venus in Retrograde

You might be screaming give me a break already to this Venus retrograde and I don’t blame you. I am right there with you! However before you and I totally write off behaving in our higher yogic self for engaging in the anger and aggression I encourage you to check out this article. It helped remind me of why challenging relationships come into our focus.
Expansion Consciousness published this article by Vivienne Micallef-Browne is very helpful in understanding the possibilities we have during this time and why our relationships might be in a bit more chaos than normal. All these forces we are feeling from Venus going retrograde allow for karmic relationships to take more of a focus in our lives, and no, these relationships may not be the easiest to navigate. Generally their purpose is to poke, provoke, and uplift us to new heights. So while you may experience people behaving in all kinds of manners that resembles a toddler throwing a tantrum, remember they are your teacher in that moment. They are giving you the perfect opportunity to breathe deeply into your positive, negative and neutral minds for clarity and compassionate action.
Reminder: your actions speak for you – not the behavior of others.
Be the fierce warrior of light that you are!

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