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New Moon Manifestations

The new moon is a time of release and manifestation. We are given this opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us. The new moon is the time for ending projects. We have two days for reflections before the energy shifts and it’s time begin anew.

If you take a look through the Farmer’s Almanac you’ll find many correlations between the moon cycle and times to cut our hair, starting a diet for weight loss or gain and many other cycles in our life. It’s actually a very cool tool to use and when we use it we find a closer connection to mother earth, our body, mind and spirit.

How can we utilize this energy for our benefit? We can put the pen to paper to directly let the universe know what we are wanting to release and receive! I have been doing this for years and have witnessed the divine work with this. I have done this half heartedly and full heartedly and find that when writing from the heart about emotions I want to release or receive this works best.

How we do it!


  1. paper (any size)
  2. pen, crayon, marker, pencil or other writing utensil
  3. creativity
  4. bowl, sink, BBQ, fireplace, or sand pit
  5. lighter or fire source


Taking your blank piece of paper we are going to draw a circle in the middle. I prefer to draw one as big as I can so that I may add as much as possible to the inside.

Inside the circle we are going to add all of the things we want to receive…on the outside of the circle will be everything we are intending to release.

Remember when writing for things to come there must also be a release. So if you’re in need of a new job you should also write in the release section that you’re willing to leave your current job. An example of how I’d write the release is: “I am releasing my current job of the feelings of being unappreciated, overworked and undervalued”. An example of how I’d write the receiving portion is: “It feels so good to be working at a job where I feel appreciated, valued for my time, talents and compensated well”. By focusing on the feelings of already having what you want more than just the object you desire we are allowing ourselves for bigger shifts. If you noticed that I wrote that I am releasing my current job of resentful feelings and bringing in feelings of appreciation. This actually allows us to begin shifting the energy at our current job for feeling appreciated and turning a situation around there if that’s possible (because sometimes it is).

Another key element I add into the writing is my name, date honoring the new moon. I may write this as “On this new moon the 27th of March I, Namjeev, am open to receiving an abundance of goodness, kindness, joy, love and appreciation in my life”, then I continue with the specifics of things. I also write my name in the release portion as well as to be as specific as possible.

There are times when we want to release people or old relationships from our life. You can use this method for that as well. I found that only writing that I release [insert name] from my life isn’t that effective, but by writing to receive an appropriate relationship with them does amazing things. I like to release the resentments and negative feelings towards them too. I have received such tremendous healing from utilizing this new moon manifestations in this way and hope you are able to use this tool for healing as well.

The final step

Once you have done all your writing or drawing on your paper it’s now time to send it out into the universe by burning it. There are many ways to burn your paper, however the one main thing to consider is that this may create a lot of smoke and pieces may separate and fly off. So where ever you choose to burn please keep in mind that bits of flame may escape your immediate space. I prefer to use a fireplace, kitchen sink or body of water, or sand pit where I have nothing close that is flammable.

Want to get a little fancy?

  • Essential Oils: I like to use essential oils during my writing to bring in more clarity of mind, uplifting, and peaceful feelings. Some doTERRA oils I like are Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Cheer, Peace, Serenity, Sandalwood, Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli, Bergamot and Thyme. These help balance our body and emotions, a key element in manifesting.
  • Sage or Palo Santo: I enjoy smudging my paper and myself with both sage and Palo Santo. They are cleansing and help us release.
  • Reiki: Being a Reiki Master I draw Reiki symbols on the page and charge it. I can do a distance charge on your page if you’d like too. All I will need is an email or text with an image of your paper after you’ve finished it and before you burn it (and I will delete your image after I am done so that I am not keeping any energy stagnant).
  • Mantra: I am a fan of Kundalini Yoga mantras and there are several for bringing in prosperity and abundance. I like to listen to them when writing out my paper and meditate with them before I burn my intentions.

HAVE FUN! and don’t stress about it. When you arrive at the next new moon take time to reflect on what you wanted to release and receive and how that manifested in your life. Sometimes we need to get more specific in our writing or feelings and shift it or take a different approach.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am here for you.

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