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April 18 | Three of Diamonds


Today most people need to have a main job or career and have a second job for supplemental income. Worrying over money or working more than one job can feel like we’re on a circus ride we can’t get off, this is exactly what it’s like for the Three of Diamonds person. However for the Aries birthday they have the Seven of Diamonds for their PRC (planetary ruling card) sharing it’s benefits of business success. The projects or business today’s birthday gets involved with have high chances for success.

Three of Diamonds people put a lot of energy into their relationships. There is a karmic balancing they feel they experience a lot, this is from having the Six of Hearts as their first karma card. This brings in an element of learning that they get exactly what they give in relationships. This can be all type of relationships, intimate, family, friends or co-workers and business partners.

While they have great cards for business they have a good number of odd numbered cards making their life path a bit harder. When they are able to find a spiritual path and follow it (without bringing that on others) they are able to utilize the positive shifts and changes these odd numbered cards are there to make. They will be able to see and work with the bigger spiritual picture and not get stuck in the mundane ‘why me’ victim attitude.

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