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April 19 | Two of Diamonds



The Two of Diamonds has a tricky life spread. Tricky meaning they have the greatest potential but they have some big hurtles to work through before they are able to fully reap the benefits of their gifts. On the plus side they have a great business mind. They can tell you what works and what doesn’t in a matter of moments. On the down side they have the Jack of Spades in Mercury and Six of Clubs first karma card affecting their communication, they tend to be highly dishonest.

The Six of Clubs first karma card means they will be searching for their life purpose most of their life and a few will find it along the way. The Aries birthday today brings in the Six of Diamonds PRC (planetary ruling card) and they can experience a lot of financial success. They have a lot of energy to put in to making money and can be highly successful.

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