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April 27| Seven of Clubs

Have you ever come across the most genius people you know and yet they are also the most pessimistic ones too? They just might be a Seven of Clubs! This card sits half way between the Ace and King. They are the dividing path of communication between the mundane and spiritual. When they seek higher forms of learning they are able to move beyond their pessimistic side and help others along their own spiritual journey. However, they are also their own worst enemy when it comes to the other side of thinking. This stops them from achieving what they want in life and keeps them stagnant in high stress jobs that utilize their amazing people skills but lack luster everywhere else.

The Taurus birthday brings in the self-mastery of the Queen of Spades PRC (planetary ruling card). They do best with a daily spiritual practice they utilize throughout their day. This doesn’t mean they need to become religious fanatics, but they may become passionate about their connection to the universal consciousness, however that manifests.


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