Everyone should learn Reiki for stress reduction and goal setting.

Reiki is an energy healing art form that works on many levels. It is the same energy that all healers tap into with a slight difference is you’re not utilizing your own energy resources draining your energy while doing healing work. In Reiki training we teach you techniques to avoid taking on others energy. Learning is easy! Reiki is passed on from teacher to student through an attunement. This clears the Reiki channels in the physical and auric field of the practitioner for the energy to flow through them. While giving a Reiki treatment both practitioner and client benefit.

Reiki works on many aspects of our lives. From cellular regeneration and healing to goal setting, healing past traumatic situations, sending Reiki to future events, studying, clearing spaces, auric cleansing and more! Reiki defies how we think of time and space so it may be done in person or at a distance making it very versatile. My teacher likes to say “have hands, will travel”. Yes, having a peaceful space for a longer healing session is nice as it allows my clients to quiet their minds and relax, it is not necessary for healing to occur. I’ve done many treatments in the spur of the moment on co-workers in restaurants, grocery stores, tattoo shops, and even on friends while out having coffee.

When you learn Reiki becoming a practitioner not only will you be able to do Reiki on yourself and those around you, you will be able to utilize this healing gift at any moment and not wait for an appointment with your healer. You can do Reiki while on the phone to help your conversations. You can heal yourself at the cellular level. Don’t worry, Reiki is complementary to other healing modalities including western and naturopathic.

Are you ready to learn more and begin your Reiki journey? Great, let’s get started!