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I Train Top Level Coaches

I train Top Level Coaches. However, that statement struck me differently recently while chatting with a friend when I said, “I train coaches.” It hit me as being fucking cool. How cool is it that I’ve gone from childhood sexual trauma, not graduating high school to earning several coaching certificates, healing my shit, and now I train Top Level Coaches! 

Why tell you this? Well, we all need coaching skills. We do. Period. We live in a culture where everything we do in business is different than it was just a couple years ago. Thank you, pandemic! 

  • You need skills to stand out to your boss from your coworkers. 
  • It would help if you had freedom from negative emotions controlling your mood.
  • You need the next level of communication skills to get raises. 
  • It would be best if you had better sales skills and tactics to meet and/or exceed quotas.
  • It would be best if you got rid of limiting decisions.
  • You need forward-thinking goals and tools to accomplish them!

Who knows what this next year will bring? What I know is that coaching is a recession-proof industry. We used to think that the movies were, but we saw the pandemic completely stop new productions left and right. So whether or not you use coaching skills to become a coach, they will set you apart from your peers in your current industry.

Here is a prime example of what I’m talking about. 

I recently talked with a friend and colleague, and they told me of their struggles as a small business owner. They’d just been getting restless with their financial growth recently. They wanted to see more significant results financially than where they were and felt like they were failing. So, being savvy and a go-getter, they figured it was time to ‘get real and get a job. She got a fantastic sales training job in no time, and it was perfect, or so she thought. They would be able to implement all of the NLP training tools and programs for increasing sales at this other company. But, within a couple of months, they broke sales records for the company and were quickly fired because they didn’t know how to deal with that success. 

You read that right. They got fired because the company couldn’t match their level of growth.

We could talk all day about the possible limiting decisions or beliefs surrounding money that the owner had personally and about their employees, the other employees, and even my friend. But why? When we can look at how powerful the lesson of the caliber of Master NLP Coach and trainer she is today. In reality, she is so on it that she short-circuited an employer’s ability to grow with her within a couple of months. Before, she hadn’t considered that she would need to work for a different level of a conscious employer, but now she has. I mean, that’s cool! 

The thing is this – we all have a glass ceiling.

Me, you, my friend, the old boss – we all have one. We keep looking through it, thinking that we’re going to quickly get what we want and fall short when we need to remember that there is work internally that we need to do to reach those goals on the other side of the ceiling.

I know; I was there not too long ago myself. It was painful. I came up against my abundance issues and was so stuck because I wanted to be on the other side of the ceiling that it hurt! To see past that glass ceiling, I also needed to add goals for future financial breakthroughs in my timeline. Once I did that and had a massive financial breakthrough, I could see my business vision clearer. I hit my most profitable month ever as a small business owner! I even made more money than any 9-5 job. 

Now that I am an ABNLP Certified Master Coach and Trainer – I can honestly say I had no idea what I was doing before – aka missing. I had no structured methodology for what I offered – I ran solely on intuition and spirit guides. Did my psychic medium life coaching sessions help and support those I worked with? Absolutely. Did my clients gain value in our sessions? Yes. So, while I was very effective, I wasn’t as effective as I am today because now that I’ve trained countless hours and put in the work personally, I can tell you that I am fundamentally different at my core than I have ever been in my life. 

For me, the difference between then and now is like night and day.

These are just some of the same experiences you can have too. 

Today, I don’t have to have anxiety about social gatherings.

Today, I don’t need to feel less than everyone else.

Today, I don’t have to judge myself harshly against my peers.

Today, I have strength.

Today, I have confidence. 

Today, I feel loved and appreciated. 

Today, I know that I’m still learning. 

Today, I’m excited about the training I continue going through. The more I do for myself, the better I am for you. So I’ll repeat it because I think it’s very cool…

I train Top Level Coaches!

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