Reiki Upgrades!

Since I first learned Reiki in 2005, there has been a lot of new information about Reiki’s history. In addition to that, many new processes for attunements have developed. It is the natural course of energy healing.

While teaching several classes online, I began to find design flaws in the current method as it didn’t satisfy an easy flow of energy for the instructor. Because the method I was taught could not give an attunement to many students simultaneously, I began thinking about how to effectively transfer an attunement to many students at the same time. 

This also had to be duplicatable, so incorporating my healing wormhole energy was not an option. So I developed the Quantum Reiki Attunement. 

I recently tested this in an online class with incredible success.

As a student, I invite you to receive this attunement upgrade, at no charge, between now and the end of 2022. 

Beginning in 2023, I will charge $60 for the attunement upgrades. 

In exchange for your free upgrade attunement, I only ask for your feedback. This is valuable in establishing reliable and duplicatable results for my Reiki Master Students. 

To register:

1. Click here to register.

2. Select your level of Reiki Training.

3. Use Discount Code: QUANTUM2022 at checkout. 

4. You’ll receive an email confirmation with your Zoom appointment link.

Quantum Attunement Upgrade Workshop

If you are at the Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki Master level, I will hold 3-hour Attunement Upgrade Workshops in 2023 for just $197. I will only offer the stand-alone workshop during 2023; afterward, you’ll need to attend a regular Reiki Mastery or Karuna Reiki class at the re-take price, TBD.

Registration for this workshop is on the main registration page. 

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