About Catherine Powell Boyle

Catherine is a powerhouse of a woman, and she is here to tell you all about her story.

Catherine Powell Boyle

“Hi friend,

I know we haven’t met yet, but I consider you my friend and I’m going to chat with you here as if we are sitting in a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee.

One thing I want you to know, before I tell you about my youth, is an important philosophy I carry around with me, and that is if someone else can do it, I can do it too. You see, I wasn’t always a powerhouse. In fact I struggled with many of the same things that perhaps you, your friends and maybe even a family member struggle with. That’s right. At times in my past would have been considered a hot mess. Ah, thank goodness change is possible!

This forward thinking mindset, that I’ve always had, has been vital in my motivation to improve myself and in all the trainings that I have taken and how I incorporate them into my life and ultimately into working with clients. I know that if it can be dreamed up, it can become reality; and if I can do it, I know you can do it, too!

So let me tell you about my story.

Once upon a time, before Google, I discovered my psychic medium abilities. It was by playing imaginary waitress in the living room one summer day. There was no guidance on what that was. Nor how I should use it. So I kept them to myself. I ended up just slipping messages into regular conversations, and that worked great for me. My style preference is to ask questions that prompt the person to find the answer from within.

In 2009, on a whim, I auditioned to be one of sixteen psychics (out of over 3,000+) to compete for the title of America’s top psychic on Lifetime’s America’s Psychic Challenge. I got on the show! Until that point I had been in the closet about my abilities. Only sharing them with a few here and there. This experience opened me up to a whole new world. I began doing professional readings, and a beginning of being congruent with who I am.

Over the years I had jobs in the bio-tech industry, being of service in many restaurants, managing high end tattoo studios, starting several small business, working with an acupuncturist and naturopath, and even in media advertising. My tag line for the interview “what do you do” question was manage, whatever it is – I can manage it”, and I did very well. I love figuring out how things fit together and what makes them work so that I can do them myself and then apply it in all areas of life.

During those jobs, I still found myself struggling to succeed in the way I wanted to. So I sought out trainings to me balance my psychic abilities. I also wanted them to aid me in working better with co-workers, clients and even family and friends. I took trainings in Reiki, Yoga, Magi Cards, Essential Oils, EFT, and eventually NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy (TM), Hypnosis and Coaching. For me, each training naturally led into another, and another, and another. Now I am in a Master Trainer program for NLP. I am over the moon with the amount of success I have seen in myself and clients.

It’s through this passion for helping others to have more success so that they can live happier lives, that I have helped hundreds of individuals experience greater success in their lives. Each clients journey is as individual as a grain of sand on the beach. I look forward to getting a glimpse of those new rays of light you emit from diving deep inside yourself, for your divine purpose. Be that to live courageously authentic or to just smile and laugh again.

I currently live in Maryland and will soon be traveling via Skoolie to find the property where I will create a wonderfully nourishing retreat center. You can come and learn all the things, eat delicious food, and be in nature.”

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