At Architects for the Soul, LLC, we are dedicated to providing professional and hands-on trainings that empower our clients to step out of their comfort zone, achieve personal growth, increase wealth in all areas of their life, and improve relationships. Our mission is to help our clients expand their life choices and experiences, leading to a more abundant, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

We believe that every individual has the potential to create a life that is congruent with their values and vision. Through our trainings, we aim to help our clients gain clarity on their future goals and aspirations, and provide the tools and support they need to achieve them.

Our ideal client is a woman in 12-step recovery who is committed to personal growth and is looking to enhance her life in all areas. As a team of NLP Trainers, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve success and happiness. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients become architects of their own lives, designing and building a life that brings them joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

Meet Soul Architect Catherine Powell

“Hi there! I’m so glad we could connect. Let me share a little about myself. My story is about personal growth, determination, and a desire to help others succeed.

Before I came out of the closet as a psychic medium and balanced my abilities, I struggled with many of the same things that perhaps you, your friends, and maybe even a family member struggle with. That’s right. At times in my past, I would have been considered a hot mess with fears, anxiety, and limiting beliefs about myself. But I knew that if someone else could do it, I could do it too. This forward-thinking mindset has motivated me to improve and train in healing modalities to incorporate them into my life and work with clients.

My experience with addiction and recovery has allowed me to connect with and support women in 12-step recovery on their journey toward healing and personal growth. Through my passion for helping others have more success so they can live happier lives, I have helped hundreds of individuals experience greater success. Each client’s journey is as individual as a grain of sand on the beach.

I look forward to seeing those new rays of light you emit from diving deep inside yourself for your divine purpose so that you can live courageously authentic or just smile and laugh again.

As an NLP Trainer in NLP, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and expertise with others. In three years, I will train NLP Trainers, helping empower and equip individuals with the tools and skills necessary to transform lives. In addition to my psychic readings, I offer training in Reiki, Magi Cards, NLP Practitioner, and NLP Master Practitioner training.

I travel in a converted school bus (aka skoolie), coaching clients virtually, offering destination retreats, and searching for a property to build a wonderfully nourishing retreat center. You can come and learn all the things, eat delicious food, and be in nature. Whether through psychic readings or NLP training, my ultimate goal is to help others find their purpose and live authentically.”

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