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New Moon Manifestations

The new moon is a time of release and manifestation. We are given this opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us. The new moon is the time for ending projects. We have two days for reflections before the energy shifts and it's time begin anew. If you take a look through the Farmer's Almanac… Continue reading New Moon Manifestations

Namjeev's thoughts

Venus in Retrograde

You might be screaming give me a break already to this Venus retrograde and I don't blame you. I am right there with you! However before you and I totally write off behaving in our higher yogic self for engaging in the anger and aggression I encourage you to check out this article. It helped… Continue reading Venus in Retrograde

Essential Oils

Essential Oils Etiquette at the Doctor’s Office

It's time to start having a different conversation with your doctor. I love essential oils.  I would say I am an enthusiastic about using them for my health care.  However, I know that if I got to the doctor and I have elevated cholesterol, blood sugar, or ___________, that something I am currently doing is NOT… Continue reading Essential Oils Etiquette at the Doctor’s Office

Essential Oils

10 Ways To Balance Your Hormones Using Essential Oils

Dr. Axe recently wrote an amazing article on his 10 ways to balance hormones naturally and I highly suggest giving it a read.  Along with following his suggestions I would love to add in mankind's first medicine's (essential oils) to support his list. A couple of things I would like to highlight from his article… Continue reading 10 Ways To Balance Your Hormones Using Essential Oils