Essential Oils, recipes

Turmeric & Cheddar Doggie Biscuits

Here is my famous Turmeric and Cheddar Doggie Biscuit Recipe! As you can see my dog Sir Duke loves these Heat the oven to 350 Ingredients: 3 1/4 cups Gluten Free Flour 1/2 cup oil 3 t. Turmeric powder 2 eggs 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil 2 drops of Black Pepper essential oil 1… Continue reading Turmeric & Cheddar Doggie Biscuits

Essential Oils, recipes

Make Yogi Tea with essential oils

Yogi Tea together in essential oils!! Cardamom was finally introduced to the doTERRA single oils line this year! YOGI TEA is beneficial for the blood, colon, nervous system, and bones. It supports is through colds, flu, and when we are worn out. Contact me today to find out the different ways to use this combination… Continue reading Make Yogi Tea with essential oils


Vegan Pumpkin Pie and Gluten-FREE Crust

Enjoy a tasty healthy alternative this year! Vegan Gluten-Free Pie Crustmakes 1 crust 3/4 c.  Bob's Red Mill all-purpose Gluten Free flour 1/2 c.  Brown rice flour 3/4 t.  Guar Gum 1/2 t.  Salt 1/2 t.  Sugar or raw sugar 1/2 c. Earth Balance (butter or butter substitute) 1/4-1/2 c.  Ice Water Directions:  Sift all… Continue reading Vegan Pumpkin Pie and Gluten-FREE Crust