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New Moon Manifestations

The new moon is a time of release and manifestation. We are given this opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us. The new moon is the time for ending projects. We have two days for reflections before the energy shifts and it's time begin anew. If you take a look through the Farmer's Almanac… Continue reading New Moon Manifestations

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Essential Oils Etiquette at the Doctor’s Office

It's time to start having a different conversation with your doctor. I love essential oils.  I would say I am an enthusiastic about using them for my health care.  However, I know that if I got to the doctor and I have elevated cholesterol, blood sugar, or ___________, that something I am currently doing is NOT… Continue reading Essential Oils Etiquette at the Doctor’s Office

Essential Oils

10 Ways To Balance Your Hormones Using Essential Oils

Dr. Axe recently wrote an amazing article on his 10 ways to balance hormones naturally and I highly suggest giving it a read.  Along with following his suggestions I would love to add in mankind's first medicine's (essential oils) to support his list. A couple of things I would like to highlight from his article… Continue reading 10 Ways To Balance Your Hormones Using Essential Oils

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Gut and intuition

Gut reaction is part of our intuition.  Some listen to it better than others.  Others dismiss it because they don't understand it.  Others utilize it for their intuition instead of realizing it is their own personal reaction to a situation.  That last part may be very confusing to the person just starting out with embracing… Continue reading Gut and intuition

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Essential Oil Treatments On Our Four Legged Babies

We hear success stories about essential oil babies all the time, but what if your babies are four-legged?  Mine certainly are and I'm hear to tell you that you can have essential oil babies be your fun-loving pets. My 55 pound pit bull named Duke loves essential oils.  We first discovered this when he came inside… Continue reading Essential Oil Treatments On Our Four Legged Babies

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Make Yogi Tea with essential oils

Yogi Tea together in essential oils!! Cardamom was finally introduced to the doTERRA single oils line this year! YOGI TEA is beneficial for the blood, colon, nervous system, and bones. It supports is through colds, flu, and when we are worn out. Contact me today to find out the different ways to use this combination… Continue reading Make Yogi Tea with essential oils

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LifeLong Vitality Vitamins

Do you take vitamins? Before we begin I'd like you to answer, for yourself, the following questions. How much would you say you are currently spending in vitamins and supplements? Were you able to do any market research on your brand of vitamins before choosing? What reputation does that brand have? Do you continue buying… Continue reading LifeLong Vitality Vitamins

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You Are The Reason You Have Acne

I do many wellness consults with people and during psychic readings usually there is a portion dedicated to medical intuitive guidance.  About 50% of the questions I field in this area are about acne. What should I do? What will clear it up? When will it clear up? What caused it? I'm going to get… Continue reading You Are The Reason You Have Acne