Have you or someone you know experienced trauma and pain that still affects your daily life? Then you’re in the right place, and my services are right for you!


Both Psychic Medium and Maji Counseling offer a variety of options for you.

Psychic Medium readings are for those who want to ask specific questions about upcoming decisions. You want clarity around a purpose, career, move, etc. You’re open to receiving messages from spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and possible tasking they suggest to help you achieve your goals.

Maji Counseling is for those who want to gain a bigger picture of their life and year. The order of the Maji is an ancient esoteric system and science of cards. “Everything that exists, large or small, possesses a number that exactly gives a mathematical expression of the thing itself. If the constitution of the thing is complex, the number is complex. If it be simple in constitution, the astral number is simple”. ~ Olney Richmond in Mystic Test Book


A quantum healing session may include Reiki healing, communication with your guides for maximum healing, or hypnosis.


I show women how to transform their trauma and pain into purposeful living.

As a coach, I understand the struggles of living with PTSD and how it can impact one’s life in significant ways.

Did you know that approximately 50% of all individuals will experience at least one traumatic event in their lifetime, and women are more likely to develop PTSD than men? In fact, about 8% of survivors will develop PTSD. Many trauma survivors living with PTSD experience chronic and severe symptoms such as nightmares, insomnia, difficulty with relationships, fear, anxiety, anger, shame, aggression, suicidal behaviors, loss of trust, and isolation. Unfortunately, women are at greater risk for negative consequences following traumatic events, meaning many do not seek the help they need.

If any of this sounds like you, please know you are not alone. As a coach, I work with women who have experienced trauma to help them overcome their past and find happiness now. I specialize in coaching and training women who feel overwhelmed and consumed by negative thinking but want more confidence, self-worth, and purpose in life.

Do you ever feel that trauma stops you from living a fulfilling life? Do you see other women succeeding in their businesses and want that for yourself? Do you wake up dreading your “to-do list”? Are you consumed by negative thinking and blame others for holding you back? Do you experience anxiety or feel overwhelmed thinking about how to solve your problems? If so, I can help you.

I work with women struggling with these issues and turn them into opportunities for growth and self-discovery. I help women stuck after trauma overcome their past and find happiness now. I coach and train women who feel overwhelmed how to stop and get laser-focused on taking action.

If you have experienced any of those things, I am 100% the coach for you. Wouldn’t it be better to take action now than to risk letting yet another month or year go by, continuing to be in pain?

I understand that taking the first step can be challenging, but I am here to help you. Book a FREE Discovery Call with me, and let’s start working together to help you find healing and purpose in your life.

Stop procrastinating, stop telling yourself that you’ll do it when you have time for yourself, and take action now. You deserve the healing and relief you are seeking.


Become a Soul Architect!

Quantum Reiki Level 1&2, Quantum Reiki ART/Mastery, Quantum Karuna Reiki

4:1 NLP Practitioner (NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner, and NLP Coaching Practitioner)

4:1 NLP Master Practitioner (NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner, Hypnosis Master Practitioner, NLP Coaching Master Practitioner)

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