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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


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Achieve Optimal Results with Our Three-Modality Coach Training

Our comprehensive coach training program provides three effective modalities - Neuro-Linguistic ​Programming, Time Line Therapy®, and NLP Coaching - to help you achieve the best possible results.

Coaching session

Each modality is designed to enhance your coaching skills and provide you ​with a deeper understanding of your client’s needs. Neuro-Linguistic ​Programming, or NLP, focuses on the connection between neurological ​processes, language, and behavior. At the same time, Time Line Therapy® ​helps individuals release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that may ​hold them back. NLP Coaching combines the two modalities to create a ​powerful coaching experience that addresses the conscious and ​unconscious mind. With our three-modality coach training, you will be ​equipped with the tools and techniques to help your clients achieve their ​goals and reach their full potential. Join our program today and become a ​highly skilled and effective coach.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more ​about language's meaning and secret use, increase job skills, manage ​employees and teams more effectively, and increase sales.

Why Choose Our Programs:

  • Flexibility: Choose the program that aligns with your learning goals or ​enroll in both for a comprehensive mastery of NLP.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned NLP practitioners and coaching ​experts.
  • Immediate Application: Acquire practical tools and frameworks that can ​be applied immediately in various contexts.
  • Certification: Receive a recognized certification upon successful ​completion of each program.

Transform your skills, empower others, and become an NLP Master ​Practitioner. Choose the program that suits your journey and unlock the ​potential for personal and professional excellence.

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Divine Blueprint - NLP Practitioner


Experience a Life-Changing Journey with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Get ready to up your game with our NLP Practitioner Training - a full-bodied program that gives you ​the golden ticket to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. Our top-tier training is ​geared towards practical applications and hands-on learning, providing a sturdy foundation that'll ​have you mastering NLP in no time!

Throughout the training, participants will delve into the core principles of NLP, gaining proficiency in a ​range of powerful techniques, including:

Confident focused businesswoman speaking to people at business negotiations

NLP Practitioner Training

is offered Monthly



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What You Learn

  1. Anchoring: Master creating and utilizing anchors to associate ​desired states with specific stimuli, enabling greater control over ​emotions and reactions.
  2. Meta-Model: Learn to identify and challenge limiting beliefs and ​assumptions by honing your precision questioning and language ​analysis skills.
  3. Rapport Building: Acquire effective strategies for building strong ​connections with others, fostering better communication and ​understanding.
  4. Submodalities: Explore the nuances of sensory experiences to ​bring about profound changes in perceptions, emotions, and ​behaviors.
  5. Swish Pattern: Develop techniques to break unwanted habits and ​replace them with positive behaviors using the swish pattern ​method.
  6. Milton Model: Understand and apply the language patterns and ​hypnotic techniques developed by Milton H. Erickson, enabling ​more persuasive and influential communication.
  7. NLP Model of Communication: Explore the intricacies of the NLP ​Model of Communication, enhancing your ability to decode and ​utilize communication patterns for more effective interactions.
  8. Strategies: Learn how to identify, elicit, and modify strategies toachieve specific outcomes in various areas of life.
  9. Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind: Gain insights into the ​fundamental principles guiding the unconscious mind, providing ​a deeper understanding of human behavior and motivation.
  10. and more!

Prepare for a mind-blowing adventure with our NLP course

Specially designed for those who want to master the basics without jumping into the deep end of Time ​Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, or coaching (just yet).

Get ready to dive into theoretical knowledge and come up swimming with practical skills that'll make ​you an NLP pro. By the end of the program, you'll be bursting with competence and ready to unleash ​your newfound NLP prowess to improve both your personal and professional life.

True healing considers the whole person and not just their parts

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Divine Blueprint - Ultimate coach

Master NLP Practitioner Week 1


Master Advanced Level Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques + Values

  • Learn the Advanced language skills all master communicators use today.
  • Learn what’s most important to a client, friend, family, or partner just by what they say.
  • Identifying key elements in how someone structures their problems or issues and the techniques to help ​them change gives you the competitive edge needed in today's market.
Confident Woman Business Coach

Divine Blueprint - Master NLP ​Practitioner is offered 2x a year

April 13-19th

August 16 - 22nd

Prerequisite: Divine Blueprint NLP Practition​er

What You Learn

  1. The advanced skillset of sophisticated techniques empowers ​you to navigate complex communication scenarios with finesse ​and precision.
  2. Enhance your coaching abilities by integrating advanced ​strategies and values.
  3. Master the art of persuasion and negotiation to connect with ​others on a deeper level.
  4. Explore personal transformation at a deeper level, overcoming ​stuck no-option mindsets.
  5. Our students develop a strategic mindset, allowing them to ​design and implement new strategies to increase results and ​success to crush the competition.
  6. Applying values in the hierarchy to all areas of life, students ​create congruency and harmony at the mind, body, and soul ​level.
  7. By enhancing your presentation skills, you have a competitive ​edge in your career and creating social media content.
  8. In today's world, conflict resolution is in high demand. By ​applying specific Advanced Blueprint training techniques, you ​can help others foster harmony and congruence in personal or ​professional relationships.

Invest in yourself by attending this training to increase your potential, wealth and bring ​harmony to all areas of your life.

Enhance Your Potential, Wealth, and Life Harmony by Joining this Training Program

Take a step towards self-improvement and invest in yourself by enrolling in this training ​program. This opportunity will enable you to unlock your true potential, increase your ​wealth and bring a sense of balance to all areas of your life.

True healing considers the whole person and not just their parts

Divine Blueprint - Ultimate Coach

Master NLP Practitioner week 2


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Time Line Therapy® | NLP Coaching

Welcome to Week 2 of our NLP Master Practitioner Training - "The Ultimate Coach." This transformative week is ​dedicated to Time Line Therapy® at both the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels, alongside NLP ​Coaching techniques tailored for coaching clients at different values levels.

Smiling woman during consultation with life coach

What You Gain

  1. Time Line Therapy® Mastery: Gain expertise in Time Line Therapy® at ​both the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. Unlock the power to ​facilitate lasting change by addressing the root causes of limiting beliefs, ​negative emotions, and unresolved conflicts.
  2. NLP Coaching Excellence: Elevate your coaching skills with NLP principles. ​Learn advanced coaching techniques designed to guide clients through ​breakthroughs, leveraging the precision of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ​to enhance communication and effectiveness.
  3. Values-Based Coaching: Understand how values drive behavior and ​decision-making. Learn to coach clients effectively at different values ​levels, tailoring interventions to align with their core values and fostering ​congruence in personal and professional pursuits.
  4. Strategic Coaching Interventions: Acquire a toolbox of strategic coaching ​interventions. Learn to navigate diverse coaching scenarios with precision, ​offering tailored strategies for individuals operating at various levels of ​the Massey/Graves Values model.
  5. Personal Transformation and Empowerment: Facilitate profound personal ​transformation for your clients. Discover how to use Time Line Therapy® ​and NLP Coaching to empower individuals to overcome obstacles, ​enhance their mindset, and achieve their goals.
  6. Versatility in Coaching Approaches: Develop a versatile coaching skill set ​adaptable to different values systems. Whether working with individuals, ​teams, or organizations, acquire the ability to apply NLP Coaching ​techniques effectively in various contexts.
  7. Breakthrough Sessions: Refine your communication skills with precision ​and depth as you take a fellow student through a complete breakthrough. ​Experience coaching interventions in a way that resonates with clients at ​their current values level, fostering understanding and trust.
  8. Certification in Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching: Receive ​certifications in both Time Line Therapy® at the Practitioner and Master ​Practitioner levels and NLP Coaching. Validate your expertise and enhance ​your professional credentials.

Divine Blueprint - ​Master NLP Practitioner ​is offered 2x a year

April 22-28th

August 25 - 31st

Prerequisite: Week 1 of

Divine Blueprint NLP Master Practitioner

Join us for this transformative week, where you will not only master Time Line Therapy® and NLP ​Coaching but also gain the skills to guide individuals toward profound breakthroughs at different ​values levels. Elevate your coaching practice, empower your clients, and embark on a journey of ​lasting positive change.

True healing considers the whole person and not just their parts

Why ​choose

She brings over 25 ​years of expertise ​in holistic healing ​and Training ​Coaches

Catherine Powell

Catherine Powell: American Board Certified Trainer in ​NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and NLP Coaching

Catherine Powell stands as an American Board ​Certified Trainer in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and NLP ​Coaching, showcasing unwavering dedication to her ​craft. With a commitment to continuous ​improvement, Catherine invests over 1200 hours ​annually to elevate her training skills. Specializing in ​training Master Coaches, she brings a wealth of ​knowledge and hands-on experience to her sessions.

Completing the rigorous 3-year Master Trainer ​Program is just one testament to Catherine's ​commitment to excellence. Recognized by mentors as ​an outstanding trainer, she is often entrusted with ​teaching missed segments, highlighting her reliability ​and proficiency in delivering NLP content.

Catherine's teaching philosophy centers around the ​belief that NLP is a crucial skill for enhancing ​communication. Her program, "The Ultimate Coach," ​designed for coaches across various fields, aims to ​elevate client results and profitability. Renowned for ​her adaptability, Catherine seamlessly pivots with the ​needs of a training room. A striking example of this is ​her initiative to create collaboration between in-class ​and online students for their final presentations and ​demos during teacher trainer training. As a seasoned ​and collaborative trainer, Catherine actively ​contributes to the growth and excellence of the NLP ​training community, readily adapting to meet the ​evolving needs of her students.

What we've done ​for our clients

“I can more easily recognize limiting​ decisions. I can more easily​ recognize which emotions are being​ drivers. I have a better​ understanding of my drivers and​ how I perceive the world. I am not​ feeling the does not compute mode​ of not understanding emotions and​ what is causing them. I am aware of​ the emotions and choose my​ response.”​


“She was focused on helping me get ​results immediately. She walked me ​through the process and I felt ​comfortable with her from the start ​of our sessions to the end.

I highly recommend Catherine. She ​is a results-oriented coach who ​cares about her clients.”

Suzie D.

“Catherine's Reiki training sessions​ were a truly transformative​ experience for me As a death doula,​ I experience grief in a unique way,​ but the sessions helped me feel​ more in tune with every minute and​ gave me a sense of clarity and​ focus.”​


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“Catherine walked with me on every ​step of my journey and helped me ​unlock my potential to maximize ​myself and my performance.”


“The work is the work, there is a​ method to the work, but the energy​ and approach that Catherine​ provides is welcoming, safe, and very​ solid. She extracts what is needed​ from the conversation with ease,​ kindness, and sometimes much​ needed laughter. Catherine is real​ and relatable on a human level; she​ was a blank vessel when doing the​ work, and that left all the room I​ needed to really do the work in a​ deep and meaningful way.” ​


Blueprint ​activation

for mind, body, Spirit & Emotion​

Harmony & purposeful livin​g


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