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Happy Client & NLP Practitioner Graduate!


“I have a great life! However, what I was feeling inside and what I was portraying to my family, neighbors ​and co-workers were two totally different things.”

The client's happy

“I bought every self-help book I could find, went to counseling ​and scoured online to find a way to fix my broken self.

Catherine introduced me to her NLP class and guided me ​through some very tough times in my life. She was extremely ​professional, compassionate and didn’t allow me to give up on ​myself.

I transformed into the beautiful, perfect being that I was meant ​to be.

I wish more people knew how life changing this process is!”

The best results Julie received from working with Architects for the Soul

  • “I feel Energetic.
  • I have an incredible Confidence boost.
  • I am Joyful and Resilient.
  • I am experiencing a complete feeling of Freedom.”

Before taking the NLP Practitioner Course with Architects for the Soul, Julie was feeling like this:

“Inability to express myself, feel heard and be understood in both my personal and professional relationships.”

Now, because of the NLP Practitioner Course, Julie can...

I can express my opinions and thoughts effectively. I can see how my limiting decisions were affecting my ​everyday life. I have the tools and resources I need to achieve anything I set my mind to. I am setting focused ​goals and clear objectives.”

Julie believes this is what makes Architects for the Soul unique and the best choice for investing in personal ​development and coaching.

Catherine has a gift! She will help you learn and how to find the answers, instead of talking at you. She walked ​with me on every step of my journey and helped me unlock my potential to maximize myself and my ​performance.”

A glowing review from a Coaching Client!

Elva L.

“At 47 years old I have been through probably every modality of therapy, read every book, visited different ​religions, and even joined a few cult-like groups trying to apeace my being. I have been working on my ​depression for so long, and tried so many things my family coined me as the "self-help queen". One week ​before working with Catherine, I was in the darkest place I had ever been. I had nowhere to turn; there was no ​religion or group left to join and no book left to read; I was scared because while I have been hopeless before, ​the survival and logical part that held me back was completely gone. The negative thoughts ranged from ​quitting everything in my life and disappearing to just ending my life completely. I wanted to close my eyes ​and shut my brain off, completely. I wanted to crawl into a hole and turn myself off permanently, and while ​these desires had been there many times in the past, this time it was too real of an option, it felt GOOD, and ​thinking it was all going to end brought me peace. I made a phone call to a friend, maybe to say good-bye, or ​maybe to reach out for help.....she was my introduction and connection to Catherine at Architects for the Soul. I ​agreed because I knew that the level of darkness I was in was now dangerous.

Customer Experience Concept, Happy Client giving Five Star Rating Feedback on Card to a Businessman. Top View

“I have no ​words to ​explain the ​feeling of ​confidence, ​trust, and ​freedom I now ​carry myself ​with.”

While hesitant and unbelieving at first, I began to work with Catherine, doing ​my initial assignments. Our first real work session was challenging and ​emotional, but I thought the work had yielded nothing more than a good ​feeling due to the release of emotions during the session. And THEN I had the ​first heated interaction with my husband after my session that same evening. I ​was upset, angry and frustrated with him but for the first time in our marriage ​(and in my life), the upset, anger, and frustration was in the PRESENT, there was ​no background to it, no history, no heavy weight to it; I did not feel personally ​attacked, I did not feel unloved or unheard, I did not feel small or worthless. ​The anger was so very real, like I have felt it many times, but it wasn't ​PERSONAL to me or to him. I didn't not make it a part of who I am and who he ​is! I remained upset for at least half hour or more, but I was able to process it ​and while I still disagreed with him, I was in such peace; there was no yuckiness ​or lingering resentment. The most amazing thing about that peace and lack of ​internalizing or personalizing that negative interaction was that it was so ​natural, I didn't even know it was happening until the next day....I didn't wake ​up angry, resentful, or with a heaviness; I didn't need to address it again with ​him. It was gone.

Another huge thing that has happened is that when I speak, there is conviction, ​assurance, and trust in what I am saying. What I say matters to ME and because ​of that, the response I get from others is simply that, a response. I have no ​words to explain the feeling of confidence, trust, and freedom I now carry ​myself with. I am no longer small, weak, doubtful, or worthless. While these ​words do creep back into my head, as well as the negative self-talk, they have ​absolutely no power, they pass through my head and are not even recognized ​as part of me; they come and go and I continue to be ME. While I am still ​indecisive at times, it is no longer due to self-doubt anymore or the thought of ​what "others might think", I know the decision will be made when my being ​knows what decision I need to make.

The work is the work, there is a method to the work, but the energy and ​approach that Catherine provides is welcoming, safe, and very solid. She ​extracts what is needed from the conversation with ease, kindness, and ​sometimes much needed laughter. Catherine is real and relatable on a human ​level; she was a blank vessel when doing the work, and that left all the room I ​needed to really do the work in a deep and meaningful way. “

Happy Reiki 1&2 Student Testimonial!


Jennifer had this to say about the best results she experienced from receiving training with Catherine at ​Architects for the Soul.

I am able to now do Reiki on myself and others and it’s been a game changer for my family and I.”

Client Giving Positive Review

“Catherine's Reiki training sessions were a truly transformative experience ​for me As a death doula, I experience grief in a unique way, but the ​sessions helped me feel more in tune with every minute and gave me a ​sense of clarity and focus. I felt refreshed and excited to incorporate Reiki ​into my daily routine, which is a testament to the power of Catherine's ​teachings. I'm so glad that I had such a positive experience and hope that ​others will be able to benefit from Catherine's expertise as well.

Now, after the training my first response is naturally Reiki. I refer to it as ​my oxygen mask. I must put mine on before I can assist others. Catherine ​and the training has solidified that.

Catherine is as unique as they come, making Architects for the Soul ​unique. She is well traveled, well versed in all of her studies and is beyond ​her time.

Jennifer had this to say when asked what makes Architects for the Soul ​the best choice for Reiki Training.

Catherine is an amazing instructor who radiates positivity and sunshine! ​She has such a positive impact on her students and that she's able to ​explain things in a way that makes understanding natural. Her ability to ​make her students feel better is truly a gift, and it's clear that she's ​passionate about what she does. Catherine is an excellent choice if you're ​looking for an instructor who will inspire you and help you grow!”

Love from an NLP Trainer Coaching Client!


“I came to Catherine with recurring pain. My pain level was at an 8 out of 10. I thought it was from an old ​injury and wanted her to do a hypnosis session for the pain.”

Client success silhouette

She was happy to work with me and after getting a better picture of ​what was going on, she helped me become aware the pain was caused ​by emotions I was holding physically in that area due to stress. It was ​not the old injury causing me pain.

She worked with me to release the emotions and after that session my ​pain level went from an 8 to 3. The next day she worked with me again ​and I released more emotions. My pain level went from 3 to 0.

Then she did a hypnosis session with me and I’ve been pain free in that ​area ever since. I’m now able to walk long distances pain free and ​resume my usual activities.

She was focused on helping me get results immediately. She walked me ​through the process and I felt comfortable with her from the start of our ​sessions to the end.

I highly recommend Catherine. She is a results-oriented coach who ​cares about her clients.”

Praise from a continuing student!


When I followed up with Jenn after her NLP Practitoner training this is what she had to say.

The best benefits are: “Improved my quality of life. Removed anxiety and fear of heights. I discovered. how truly ​amazing and beautiful I am and can get!”

Happy Young Lady Student Holding Laptop Computer Make Thumbs up.

“Prior to training there were still a lot of fear and anxiety based reactions ​that were driving my behavior. The anxiety side the most.

I was improving everyday but it was a long process of trying to ​consciously understand what was triggering the behaviors. My mindset ​was through awareness and owning choices I could change the ​anticipated responses. It was a lot of work and a whole lot of time in my ​own head!”

Where are you now because of the NLP Practitioner Course with Architects for the Soul?

Why complicate things? I can more easily recognize limiting decisions. I can more easily recognize which ​emotions are being drivers. I have a better understanding of my drivers and how I perceive the world. I am not ​feeling the does not compute mode of not understanding emotions and what is causing them. I am aware of the ​emotions and choose my response.”

What makes Architects for the Soul unique?

I have been with this trainer through my Reiki journey and into my NLP journey. The care and compassion with ​each lesson being instructed is amazing! It is not just about completing the training. It is a genuine desire to ​see others become a better if not the best version of themself! Also, the small class sizes have been very helpful ​with grasping concepts I wasn’t familiar with prior to the training.

Structure ls around the client’s needs. Catherine is flexible and creates a class format that is versatile.”

Breakthrough pier tesimonials



I had the pleasure of doing an amazing breakthrough session with Meaghan in the area of Health and Fitness. ​It was life changing for me! Even as I was having issues facing some of my most hidden areas she handled it in ​a professional and compassionate way that assisted in my personal development. I highly recommend her if ​you are looking for a truly transformational experience! I am truly grateful for her!


Jenn T. created an amazing space for my timeline therapy breakthrough!! Her flexibility and persistence in ​identifying and unearthing any limitation and negative emotional block allowed me to explore and integrate ​parts of myself I did not know were out of alignment with my real values. I recommend this beautiful ​practitioner for her healing presence, insightful process, and commitment to me (and everyone) having exactly ​what I want, exactly as I want it … and one step bigger than imagined!

I’m looking forward to our follow up sessions and ongoing coaching support! Thank you, Jenn

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She brings over 25 ​years of expertise ​in holistic healing ​and Training ​Coaches

Catherine Powell, creator of Architects for the Soul, ​LLC, found each one of these modalities valuable in ​her healing journey from trauma to living a purposeful ​life. She is dedicated to providing hands-on training to ​help clients achieve personal growth, increase wealth, ​and improve relationships.

Her goal is to assist clients in gaining clarity on their ​aspirations and goals to create a more fulfilling life ​through success and happiness. The ideal clients for ​this platform are those committed to personal growth.

Gain expertise in various modalities to bring harmony ​with your soul's divine blueprint.

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