I am a Soul Architect

Let’s do this!

I help individuals strengthen the foundation of their life so that they can feel great, achieve more and become more profitable.

As a Soul Architect and psychic medium it feels good hearing about your dreams and goals, and I hold that vision in my entheusiam for you while working together in 1:1 coaching sessions. By helping you realign and strengthen your life’s blueprint, you can take charge of your life’s direction!

Are you ready to take charge of your dream goals?

Each person has a divine blueprint for their life. What happens to this divine blueprint as we go through life that gets us off course? Well, we start out great; our life is congruent, and we go for it. You can see this in toddlers. They play full out, and go for it.

So what happens to the tenacious drive forward?

Each of us experience and filter life through our senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory, olfactory, and self-talk), and these are called modalities. Did you know that your mind filters over 11 million bits of information per second? Yup, and we happen to be only be able to be present for approx. 40-50 of those bits per second, and the max that we can focus on is 126 bits per second. Out of all these bits of information, and combinations of bits of information, isn’t it easy to see how there are many sides to a story?

woman in white shirt showing frustration

As we grow and experience the world, our filters become clogged. These clogged filters cause opportunity for a person to over-reacted to a situation. Has that ever happened to you? Yeah, it’s happened to everyone. It would be useful to have a tool to clean our filters, wouldn’t it? Yes it would, and the good news is that I have those tools for you.

What about if there is an experience traumatic or significant emotional events? Just like a red light, we’ve all experienced that thing that stops us from moving forward. For some this may be fear, and for others it’s not feeling worthy enough to have what they want. For other’s its anxiety about actually getting what they want. Whatever your reason for not going for your goal, I’m can tell you that ‘that thing’ can be something in your past and does not have to be part of your future.

If you knew that you could not fail, what would you do?

First of all, I know you want to go for that big goal. I know you’re ready to feel great, achieve more and become more profitable in your life. In some area of your life, you want more. Ask yourself this question and really ponder it for a moment. If you knew that you could not fail, what would you do? Email me, right now, and let me know what you came up with. I want to help cheer you on if you’re ready to Go For It, or help get you there!

What are your next steps? Are you ready to experience change in a coaching session, or are you ready to learn how to use those tools in our NLP Practitioner Course.

There is no failure, there is only feedback!

“I have a great life! However, what I was feeling inside and what I was portraying to my family, neighbors and co-workers where 2 totally different things. I bought every self-help book I could find, went to counseling and scoured online to find a way to fix my broken self.

Catherine introduced me to her NLP class and guided me through some very tough times in my life. She was extremely professional, compassionate and didn’t allow me to give up on myself.

I transformed into the beautiful, perfect being that I was meant to be.

I wish more people knew how life changing this process is!”



“A true Seer. Healer. Pathfinder.”